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The history of the Kent and Medway Cancer Network / Cancer Collaborative 

Cancer Networks were created in 2000 to help bring about change and improvements in cancer services in their local area.

Cancer Networks brought together the providers of cancer care (organisations that deliver cancer services to patients) and the commissioners of cancer care (organisations that plan, purchase and monitor cancer services) to work together to plan and deliver high quality cancer services for their local population.

Cancer Networks aimed to:

  • Improve cancer outcomes (e.g. increasing survival rates from cancers)

  • Improve patient experience

  • Improve the quality of treatment and care

  • Improve access to appropriate high quality services

In April 2013, the Cancer Networks were replaced with higher level organisations, the Strategic Clinical Networks. These have a much broader remit than just cancer, and wider geographical areas. Kent and Medway comes under the South East Coast Strategic Clinical Network (SCN).  

Alongside the setting up of the SCN, there was a need to continue some of the work of the Cancer Network across Kent and Medway - particularly where provider hospitals had already been working together successfully. The Kent and Medway Network Transition Team - Cancer was created to take on this role, and to prepare for the work to be handed on and continued by any new teams set up in the future.

The Kent and Medway Network Transition Team - Cancer is now renamed as the Kent and Medway Cancer Collaborative works in partnership with four hospital trusts, and other NHS and independent providers of cancer services in the area, and with eight commissioning organisations.

In addition, the Kent and Medway Cancer Collaborative supports the Kent and Medway Cancer Action Partnership (KM-CAP) and the Cancer Action Groups (CAG) across Kent and Medway, which is made up of cancer patients and carers as well as health professionals, who help to influence and contribute to decisions about the way cancer services are delivered across the county, making sure that the patient voice is heard at all levels.

The Kent and Medway Cancer Collaborative is currently working with these organisations on a number of project areas, and is continuing to support the work of the hospitals in providing excellent patient care now and the future. 


Please do not send patient referrals to this email address.

Urgent Referral Proformas should be faxed directly to hospital cancer teams. The relevant fax numbers are shown on the proforma.